About art2inspire

The mission of  art2inspire is to raise money for social causes and art education of grade school students through donations and through the sale of custom portrait sketches and other artwork by students.

I have already raised money for art kits for 250 students at the International Community School in Decatur, Georgia, raised money to cover 1 year of art program for students in The Happy School Too in Gurgaon, India, which has been heavily impacted by Covid. I recently raised money for 100 kits for virtual students my county (Forsyth County, GA). I plan to continue supporting more art programs and to help other causes in my community.

You can help me reach this goal by either clicking the Donate buttonĀ  here

Or by ordering a custom portrait sketch for $30-50 ( suggested donation + shipping, you are welcome to donate more since all donations will go towards this goal) To order custom sketches please click shop

Here is an example of a sketch I created to honor our first female Vice President.

For more examples, please visit the Gallery page.

About Me

My name is Nina and I am a high school student passionate about art as well as helping the community. This site is my attempt to combine my two passions, in order to make a difference.

This summer I had the opportunity of teaching a free online art class to elementary and middle school students. It made me realize how much difference art can make to the lives of kids. Not only does art bring great joy and fosters creativity but it is an activity that they can undertake in their own homes during their free time, without the need for expensive tools. I want to make sure every child who loves art, gets the necessary supplies. This is why I would like to start by raising money for art programs in my community.

For more information contact: info@art2inspire.org